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Custom Website Design

In many cases, your website delivers the first experience a visitor may have of you, make it a lasting impression with a visually appealing website design, uniqely built for you and or their needs. A professional, custom designed website not only looks great and will impress your visitors, but presents you in the best light possible, building trust and confidence making you more memorable and more likely to attract new visitors and retain existing customers.

Uniquely striking design

"Content is king!" is what has been preached for years in the website community, this is still true today, but... the world of the web for your visitors also means it is expected to be unique and visually appealing as well. The user interface (UI) in many cases is what makes you memorable and noteworthy when it comes to referrals or social exposure.

Superior user experience

The last thing your visitors want is to have to scroll too much or zoom in and out constantly to read your website content or messaging. All hotmango websites are designed and built with your end users experience (UX) uppermost in our mind. No more frustrations or confusion trying to navigate your website, no matter what device your visitor chooses to view your site with.

Responsive web design

With increasing numbers of users browsing websites on mobile and tablet devices, having a device responsive website can mean the difference between you or the next site being the visitors choice. Responsive Web Design is the method of building your website to deliver readable and useable content by dynamically re-shaping to suit the device being used.

Search engine optimised

Search engines are central to being found and consistantly recognised on the web. The major search engines such as Google and Bing have many rules around how they expect your website to present itself to them. If your site is mobile-friendly, well organised and presents in the recognised layout your rankings can improve immensly, if not... They may not even index it!

Social network integrated

Whether you make use of the Social Networks or not, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others are amongst the top modern methods of communication, referral and public exposure in use today by your prospective clients and existing customers. Every hotmango website includes the essential social network integrations to allow you to simply and easily boost your public image.

Website Design

Impress your visitors with a stylish, visually appealing and perfectly branded web design.

Classic & Intuitive Design

Classically stylish designs, promoting natural useability and simple, intuitive navigation.

Content Managed Solutions

Dynamic, intuitive and well organised content allows visitors to quickly and easily find everything.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Device responsive design, ensuring every visitor, on any device can access your website & information.

Search & Social Optimised

Built-in search and social platform integration and optimisation, maximising your reach.

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The opportunities are limitless in todays online world, why not have a chat with us.

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