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Staying up to date and relevant

So now you've got a really great website, what now? Just let it sit there ticking away month after month? Keeping your website design and content fresh plus the code behind it up to date protects your initial financial investment and commitment to your visitors.

As with many things, from time to time upgrades, updates and additions maybe needed, websites are no different. Regular content updates continue to engage your users, even the smallest makeover can regenerate interest, not to mention code improvements continue to secure your website.

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Content Updates

Keeping your website content up to date and fresh is important for your visitors, would you want to read the same newspaper article, week after week?

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Website Upgrades

Technologies get old, new features are added, improved methods are developed, All websites and Content Management Systems need to be upgraded occassionally.

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hotmango, Website Makeovers And Redesigns

Website Makeovers

Everybody loves that new thing buzz and your website visitors are no different! A website makeover is a great way to put the bounce back in your online step.

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hotmango, Custom Website Design And Development

Security & Recovery

Prevention is always much better than cure, regular website security audits reduce the risk of an unexpected compromise or defacement & unauthorised access.

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